Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

Tigers 11, Twins 6: an important win against a good team. Key stat: just that Detroit scored 11 runs. So far, offensively, they've done fairly well.
Rangers 6, White Sox 5: the Rangers have now won 4 of 6. Key stats: a long home run for Josh Hamilton. He's starting to hit. Ranger starter Rich Harden was a bit wild still, but made it through 6 innings. Despite all the Rangers' injuries (Ian Kinsler out, Nelson Cruz out), the team hangs in.

More bad news for our friends on the left. They claimed ObamaCare would become popular once the bill passed. It hasn't happened. On Arizona's immigration bill, they've roared that it's an example of Nazism and fascism. Once again, the American people don't agree--a Gallup Poll says 51% of Americans support it, only 39% opposed.

In other polling news, in Nevada, Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid's senate campaign is still going nowhere---polls show him stuck at around 40% and trailing every likely challenger by around 10 points.

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas remains in similar hot water.

Polls on the Republican primary in Arizona's senatorial election are all over the place. One poll has John McCain up over J.D. Hayworth by 26 points. Another has him only up by 11. McCain certainly can't rest easy yet. But I'd still make him a clear favorite in that one.