Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

Dallas 106, Memphis 102 (OT): the Mavs trailed by 13 at one point in the 4th quarter, and weren't playing well...mainly making too many turnovers. But a good team, when the door is left open for them, knows how to make a run late, and that's what Dallas did, outscoring Memphis 15-2 down the stretch and then hanging on to win in overtime. Key stats: Dirk Nowitzki, after struggling much of the game, made 6 of his final 8 shots. Dallas earned its 50th victory; that's now 10 straight years the Mavs have won 50 games.

Among 2010 Senate races, Arkansas incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln continues to be in big trouble--now she trails a likely GOP opponent by 15 points.

Sigh. Yesterday President Obama announced that he will allow some more offshore oil drilling, and the progressives at MSNBC's First Read naturally like it:
"The day-after coverage of Obama’s offshore drilling announcement is looking pretty positive for him so far."
It then cites a couple of examples. But sure, of course it all looks "positive"...because too many Obama cheerleaders in the media have chosen to ignore that this is yet another policy about-face by Obama. In the 2008 campaign he claimed he was against increasing drilling. Now he's done a 180. Too many folks don't care.