Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's musings

So the Philadelphia Eagles did indeed trade their star quarterback, Donovan McNabb...but to a division rival, the Redskins, which nobody thought they would do:
"Donovan McNabb is changing uniforms and staying in the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles traded McNabb to the Washington Redskins for a pair of draft picks on Sunday night. The Eagles will receive a second-round pick (37th overall) in this month's NFL draft and either a third- or fourth-round pick next year."

Yes, I suppose this is where McNabb wanted to go, and Philly Coach Andy Reid wanted to accommodate him in that way. So that partly explains this. And yet...the Eagles didn't HAVE to give McNabb whatever he wanted (the Packers certainly didn't for Brett Favre, as they resisted Favre joining the Vikings for as long as Favre was on their roster). Trading him within the NFC East...guaranteeing that they'll play him at least twice a year...tells one that the Eagles truly believe McNabb is on the downward spiral, that he really doesn't have "it" anymore...and that he won't be able to significantly hurt them next year, and in the years to come.

We'll see if that turns out to be true. It might. McNabb struggled at the end of last year. But he's only 33. Think of all the good years John Elway had in his late 30s.

Who will win the national championship tonight? It sure appears to me that Duke is the better team, and so if one is objectively trying to figure out who will win tonight...hey, you have to pick Duke. But still, I say: go, you Butler Bulldogs. A Butler victory tonight would be such a Cinderella story, such a huge upset, that I'd love to see it, and I sure hope we all do see it.

Remember late last week, when it was reported that several state governors had received threatening letters from some kind of extremist group? Columnist Charles Krauthammer has a good response:
"Oh, come on, I get e-mails like that every week. And, you know, I don't hold any office. . . .The FBI is saying, they are announcing all of this because it could inflame people who are really weirder out there. And why would you announce it? If you announce and then you spread the word — it might actually increase the inflammation."

Makes one wonder if the Obama administration sought the release of these "threats" for political reasons--to once again try to stigmatize all conservatives, all on the Right, with this "extremist" tag.

"Now that Obamacare has been enacted, we definitely won't be knocking any new archways through the wall at our restaurant and expanding into the empty storefront next door. With a waiting line on weekends, we could use the additional seats. The adjacent space could also be turned into a party room with seating for 50, perfect for communions, business meetings, and showers. But there will be no sawing and hammering or reducing the neighborhood's unemployment rate because we already have 42 employees and it's at 50 workers that the hefty new fines, mandates and penalties kick in under Obamacare."

Read the whole thing...

By the way, according to Democrats, just passing their health insurance reform plan would, why, just TURN AROUND the polling on it. America would like it! And quickly!! A CBS poll came out on the plan over the weekend. Those in favor: 32%. Those opposing??? A whopping 53%.