Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's musings

Tough weekend--San Antonio 92, Dallas 89: the Mavs now trail 3-1 in the series. Just seems to me that San Antonio has wanted it a bit more, ever since game 2. They've hustled, made big shots, and it seems like every since the game 2 loss, the Mavs have quickly gotten tight when adversity hits. Big expectations can do that to you. Dallas can't do anything now except win game 5, and go from there.

The Tigers lose 2 of 3 over the weekend to the Rangers, including yesterday's 8-4 loss. The Tigers' problem right now is simple--their starting pitchers aren't getting it done. Yesterday Rick Porcello gave up 6 runs and 10 hits in only 4 innings. They must improve. The Rangers should be encouraged meanwhile that they've won 3 of 4, their bats are waking up, and Ian Kinsler should return soon from injury.

Apparently President Obama is worried enough about the coming 2010 midterms to make a big push, starting now:
"Obama plans to issue a call-to-action video message to his supporters on Monday, the first in a series of personal efforts designed to rekindle the grass-roots magic that propelled him to the presidency in service to his party's congressional and gubernatorial candidates, Democratic officials said."

Apparently the Dems think they can motivate enough folks to get them over the top in November. Well--we'll watch the polls and see if there's any movement.

Certainly there's plenty of reasons for Obama to be worried. In the state of Washington, it's evident that Dem Senator Patty Murray remains in trouble in her 2010 re-election bid.

The news media's liberal bias, example # 123,456:
Caught by the guys at PowerLine: CNN describes Arizona's new immigration law as "polarizing." Funny--they never described President Obama and the Democrats' health reform bill in that manner. Wonder why not???

Speaking of which, that new Arizona immigration law has made AZ's governor, Jan Brewer, a big name even to the NY Times:
"...what is accepted as the country’s most stringent immigration enforcement law, allowing the local police to stop and check the immigration papers of noncitizens and making it a state crime not to have them, was making its way through the Legislature. Legislators said Ms. Brewer, who is seeking a full term, was long prepared to sign such a bill, and her closest opponents in the primary all backed it. But her staff members hashed over the details with Senator Russell Pearce, a Republican who has made driving illegal immigrants out of the state his passion.
Though not closely allied with Mr. Pearce, she took up his mantra that the law would help the police weed out criminals. “Border-related violence and crime due to illegal immigration are critically important issues to the people of our state,” she said on Friday after signing the immigration bill. “We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels. We cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life.”

Look for immigration to be a major issue now in the country for some weeks to come, especially given that President Obama dissed the Arizona law quite publicly.