Thursday, June 26, 2008

The rise of Obama-cons?

Robert Novak points to their rise in a recent column--check it out.

So as best I can tell it, these are conservatives, more or less, who will either tacitly, or openly, support Barack Obama. Why? Because they deny that Obama is more or less a liberal, and/or support liberal policies?

No. Rather, they just don't like the makeup and leadership of today's Republican Party, and see an Obama victory as leading to a huge bloodletting in the GOP and a change in the party.

Really! Some great thinking there. Elect someone with whose policies you are in disagreement.
Then maybe--but only maybe--your own party will change. Meanwhile, what will the guy you elected do in office???

Fundamental: if you don't like your party, work within it to change it.
Don't work to elect people whom you know have bad ideas.
Has no Obamacon thought this through??? Wow.
More on this to come in the days ahead.
(And yes--conservatives who distrust McCain are indeed a different thing. Having doubts about McCain is a different animal than openly plumping for Obama.)