Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clinton campaign funeral watch (contd)

Where's Hillary? The Senate misses her:

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is taking a month off from Congress to recuperate after her marathon run for the presidency. She is not expected to return to the Senate until July 7 or July 8 after the Independence Day recess, according to two Democratic sources. Clinton’s Democratic colleagues in the Senate are taking a sympathetic attitude toward her extended absence, which comes after a grueling 18-month formal bid for the White House and, according to some calculations, a decade or more of planning and positioning since the days when her husband was president. “People understand this is a transition for her,” Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) said. It is a transition from the possibility of the most powerful job in the world to the reality of a junior senatorship among 99 others in a chamber dominated by overweening egos that have already indicated they will make no special provision for her to ascend quickly to a leadership role."

A transition from, a few months ago, being assumed to be the sure nominee of her party--to a defeated candidate. So sad, too bad.