Saturday, June 21, 2008

Feminists catfighting

I don't agree with everything this writer has to say.
But her piece is important--in exposing the divisions, within feminism, that the Obama/Clinton battle has left behind. She complains that feminists who backed Clinton have been a little slow to defend Michelle Obama. She writes:

"What does Gloria Steinem think? She was out front with her support of Clinton, promoting the importance of a female president. She has even endorsed Barack Obama. What's her reaction now that the knives are out for another strong woman?...As a journalist, I have stayed neutral about political candidates. But as an American, I would have been excited about the historic first had Hillary Clinton emerged victorious from the Democratic primary battle. Yet when an African American made a different kind of history, it seems that feminists can't share in the triumph. They don't have to vote for the husband to defend the wife. Okay, I get it: Your candidate lost. You're angry. But frankly, I'm getting a little peeved myself."