Saturday, June 28, 2008

The ignorance of Arianna Huffington

She's everywhere--on TV, on the web with her Huffington Post, and has published a new book.
The NY Times reviews it, and wants to be positive--but finds that, well, it just can't be:

"McCain has been “hijacked” by the right-wingers! He’s become their puppet, she suggests, mouthing their brutish line on torture, religion and immigration. “McCain is the Trojan horse the right desperately needed to put a faux maverick, faux independent, faux straight-talker imprint on the same ruinous policies that have taken us down this dark road,” she writes, presenting him as some sort of Manchurian candidate. Does she really think the right wing is this cunning, or is she advancing this theory because she’s become too invested in the right’s power to play it straight? I assume the latter."

Wow. She thinks John McCain is a tool of the right wing? See, this is yet more evidence of something I've seen proven over and over again--many of those pundits who endlessly criticize the Right simply don't read those who are part of it. How could anyone have actually read National Review and the many conservative bloggers out there (including me) who have roundly criticized McCain, and come away with the idea that he's a conservative favorite???

Answer: one couldn't have. Writers like Huffington blast conservatives--but have no clue what conservatives actually write and believe. Keep that in mind when you read what James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal aptly labels the "Puffington Host."