Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's wash

Rangers 8, Royals 7: Texas wins a game on the road--important to note, because they've struggled on the road so far this season. Key stats: Neftali Feliz gets another save in a solid 9th inning outing. Vladimir Guerrero hits 2 home runs and a double; he now has 42 RBIs in 45 games. You would have liked to have seen Rich Harden pitch longer and better; he didn't, but the Rangers got the win.
But...Mariners 5, Tigers 3: Detroit is struggling a bit on the road right now. They've lost 3 of their last 4. And you hate to lose a game Justin Verlander started. He didn't pitch badly, but the Tigers got him only 3 runs. Key stat: Miguel Cabrera isn't with the club--he's with his wife, who is having a baby. It's where he should be, but it means the Tigers' lineup lacks some punch.

In other sports news...
So NY/NJ gets the 2014 Super Bowl.
I think NY City will do a fine job of hosting the event. That's not a problem.
To me, the problem is the fact that typical New Jersey weather late in February gives us a greater chance that weather conditions will significantly affect the outcome of the game. And I'd rather have a game of this magnitude played in the best weather we can find.

Polling news:
Republicans have a real shot at winning the senate seat in Washington held by Democrat Patty Murray. Republican candidate Dino Rossi was robbed of a gubernatorial victory in that state a few years ago; he'll be a good candidate.
On the other hand, Quinnipiac shows the Dems up 6 in the generic congressional ballot for 2010. Hmmm...could be a worrying sign for Republicans...or maybe it's just an outlier. Seems to fly in the face of a lot of the other polling I've seen. Something to keep an eye on--and yet more reasons why the GOP must not be overconfident this year.