Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's fish fry

Rangers 13, Royals 12: one of those nights, with the wind blowing out, etc. Not a good night for the Rangers' bullpen, which blew an 8 run lead. On the other hand, Josh Hamilton homered and now has 4 in his last 11 games...and Neftali Perez saved the game effectively in the 9th inning, striking out two of the three batters he faced.


In polling news, several things stand out today...
In Indiana, Republicans indeed are in a great position to take Evan Bayh's old senate seat. Dan Coats is now the GOP nominee; he leads Brad Ellsworth, who is the certain Democratic nominee, by 15 points.
In Ohio, Republicans did poorly there in 2008. But they've rallied. One example: in the Ohio governor's race, Republican John Kasich trails incumbent Governor Ted Strickland by only one point.
In the Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial primary, boy, do I ever stand by my prediction of Arlen Specter getting beat--the daily tracking poll there now has his race with Joe Sestak tied.
In Arkansas, yet more good news for Republicans--there, incumbent Dem Senator Blanche Lincoln trails her likely GOP opponent by a whopping 17 points.

And by the way, in Connecticut--in the senate race there, Democrats were supposed to have that one locked up when Chris Dodd retired, and the state's attorney general, the popular Richard Blumenthal, decided to run in his place. He once led Republican contender Linda McMahon by over 30 points, for example. But look now--he has not run a good campaign, has been wooden on the stump, and his lead over McMahon is down to just 13 points; he's taken nearly a 20 point slide in the polls. In my opinion he's still a favorite to win; but not a lock.