Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

Twins 5, Tigers 4: once again the Tigers are done in by errors allowing in two runs, a poor start by Rick Porcello, and...the fact that the Twins are probably just the better team this year.
A's 4, Rangers 1: after playing well for most of their road trip, the Rangers seem to go AWOL in this final game of it. The Rangers still aren't hitting like they can...

In Pennsylvania, in the latest tracking poll of the Democratic senatorial primary between Specter and Sestak, the challenger is within 5 points of our old friend Arlen. I repeat my pick: Specter will lose that primary.

Meanwhile in Florida, a Mason-Dixon poll confirms what Rasmussen showed the other day--in the 3-way race, Charlie Crist has a small lead over Rubio. Darn! I see Jeb Bush strongly endorsed Rubio a day or two ago. Let's see if that, and the passage of some time, moves the numbers soon...