Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

Royals 5, Rangers 2: a blah game for Texas. But then the Royals' pitcher Luke Hochevar, who was impressive, had something to do with it. Another loss for Ranger starter Scott Feldman--he won 17 games last year, but this year he's only 1-5, 6.91 ERA, and opponents are batting .326 against him in his last 8 starts.
Mariners 5, Tigers 4: a frustrating loss for Detroit, as they waste a 4-1 lead. It's simple--the bullpen has been good all year, but this time they gave it up, as Tiger reliever Ryan Perry gave up 4 runs to Seattle in the 8th.

I agree with this guy--America got this wrong, wrong, wrong. Crystal Bowersox was the best performer all season, she was clearly the best performer on the last night of competition this past Tuesday night, and she should have won Idol based on her season accomplishments.
America didn't see it that way, and I sure HOPE that it was not due to the fact that Crystal was a "dreadheaded hippie chick", a single mom, who liked music that was a bit out of the mainstream.

But I'm afraid it was.

Obama Newspeak:
What's Barack Obama's top priority? Everything.