Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monday's musings

So House Democrats in Washington aren't so happy with President Obama these days:
"[House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and other House leaders told senior White House aides at a recent closed-door meeting that they felt the president was spending too much time bashing Washington without pointing the finger of blame at Republicans – a rhetorical nuance they argued could backfire by provoking voter anger at the party in charge in Congress."

From the point of view of a pure political technician, they're probably right.
What it makes me wonder is: why didn't President Obama and his people--you know, the ones who are supposed to be so brilliant and so smart--see this, too?
As I've said before, I don't think the Obama White House is nearly as smart as media types gave it credit for being when he was elected...

Meanwhile, over the weekend one wonders--is Arlen Specter still in the hunt to beat Joe Sestak in the PA senatorial primary?

Maybe. Tracking polls show him still about even. But still, go with Sestak if you're a bettin' man. When an incumbent--and that's what Specter is--is below 50% and has given up a huge lead to a challenger? That almost always spells doom.

By the way, another direction-of-the-country poll came out recently. And still, a significant majority of Americans see this country as being on the "wrong track"; the RCP average for this is 35% believing we're on the right track, 58% seeing us as on the wrong track.

That really hasn't changed during the Obama presidency much; another difficult sign for Obama in this election...that he's been in office for well over a year now, and yet most people still believe we're headed down the wrong path. Hmmm...

Tigers, 5, Red Sox 1: right now all is right with the world in Tiger-land; though, as is always the case with baseball, it can all disappear in the next series. But the Tigers have in the past couple of weeks won series from the Twins, Angels, Yankees, and Red Sox---all 2009 playoff teams. Good stuff. The Tigers' pitching has on the whole improved over the past couple of weeks...
Meanwhile the Rangers were swept over the weekend, losing yesterday 5-2 to Toronto. They hit into 4 double plays yesterday, had far too many strikeouts in general over the weekend...the Rangers are just 7-11 on the road so far this year.