Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's musings

The Texas Rangers had a great weekend, sweeping four games at home from the Royals and moving again into first place in the AL West. Yesterday's win was 6-4. There's still some worry over starter Scott Feldman. He lasted only 4 innings yesterday and still hasn't found his good stuff. But the Rangers' bullpen was very solid all series, shutting out KC over 5 innings yesterday.
The weekend for the Detroit Tigers meanwhile was just so-so, as they split two games in Cleveland. They lost yesterday's game, 7-4. Key stat: starter Max Scherzer again does poorly, and overall has an ERA of 14.54. Right now he's a weak link. The Tigers will need all their links to be strong as nails early this week, as they start a series with the Yankees.

In other sports-related news...
A U.S. Senator has nothing better to do, so...:
"Sen. Robert Menendez is urging the Major League Baseball Players' Association to boycott next year's All-Star Game in Phoenix over the recently passed Arizona law to crack down on illegal immigrants."

What would Sen. Menendez think if there was a call to boycott games in New York and New Jersey, due to those states' failure to crack down on the number of illegal immigrants to be found there? Let's hope Arizonans stand firm against this leftist pressure.

Wow--the main tracking poll following the Pennsylvania senatorial primary among the Democrats now has Sestak up 5 over Specter. Looks like my pick was right...Specter looks done.
Meanwhile the latest generic congressional ballot polling hasn't changed things too much--the RCP average has the Republicans up by about half a point which, given GOP edges this year in turnout and enthusiasm, is still significant.