Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's wash

The University of Notre Dame women's hoops team continues to look strong. They're ranked 3rd nationally, and beat IPFW last night 96-60. Which was expected--but still, what's encouraging was that ND had a balanced attack, with no single player scoring over 20 points. Their defense forced a bunch of turnovers. And the Irish, who in the last several years have struggled from the 3 point line, were 6 of 11 from 3. All good signs. The only bad sign? ND still needs to do better in defending the 3-point line, as the Mastodons shot over 50% from there.

They mount yet again today:
"The world's richest athlete and most famous golfer appears to have slept with at least 10 women while married to Swedish ex-model Elin Nordegren, before a day-after-Thanksgiving car crash led to a bevy of allegations and unwanted publicity, as well as Nordergren moving out. To be sure, Woods is not going to starve - or even have to give up his massive yacht - as a result of the lost endorsements and reported hush money payoffs to erstwhile lovers and the unhappy Nordergren. But PepsiCo Wednesday became the first major corporate sponsor to dump a Tiger Woods-related product -- a Gatorade drink called Tiger Focus. The company says it made the decision before the golfer's car accident led to a media firestorm surrounding his personal life."

Sure, sure they did.
But no worries, Tiger--I betcha Viagara would love to sign you up as a spokesman...
A guy with proven experience!

Much news the last day or two concerning the Senate Democrats' supposed "deal" that will satisfy both moderates and liberals. The NY Times seems to see hope for the deal:
"The “broad agreement” that Senator Harry Reid announced Tuesday night on the proposed overhaul of the health care system was less a comprehensive accord among Democrats than an effort by the party’s leaders to keep the process moving ahead, even as Republicans attempt to prolong a seemingly endless floor fight....Many Democrats had not even seen the agreement on Tuesday night, much less signed on to it. But by offering something to liberal Democrats and centrists, the tentative deal announced by Mr. Reid created a framework for an agreement with a chance of winning the 60 votes necessary to pass the health care bill in the Senate."
Indeed, Harry Reid has been claiming that any impasse has been resolved.
But he might not want to count his chickens before they're hatched; liberal groups remain mighty restless:
"After months of demanding a government-run health insurance option from Democrats, health care reform supporters are still pushing for the "public option" in the wake of an announcement of an agreement by Senate Democrat to forgo the plan. The Health Care For America Now Campaign (HCAN), comprised of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states, sent an e-mail to its supporters Tuesday night asking them to oppose the compromise devised by a group of five liberal Democrats and five conservative Democrats. More than 40,000 people have signed on so far, the group reports."

Have fun, Democrats!