Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday's trackings

So why is Senator Ben Nelson saying he'll vote for the senate bill now? Simple:
"Nelson got the feds to pick up forevermore 100 percent of the additional Medicaid spending that will be imposed on Nebraska by the bill. In stereotypically Orwellian fashion, the provision is called “Equitable Support for Certain States.” That, naturally enough, translates into special, inequitable support for three states, totaling $1.2 billion over ten years. Vermont and Massachusetts argue they are due the funds for prior expansions of Medicaid, but what’s Nebraska’s excuse?"

There is none. Read Lowry's entire piece--this is indeed an example of "shameless audacity."
Thank goodness polls continue to suggest the public is fed up with this nonsense. The latest poll to come out on health care is Quinnipiac--and they show only 36% in favor of the health care bills currently in Congress; 53% opposed.