Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns

"Americans are turning away from the world, showing a tendency toward isolationism in foreign affairs that has risen to the highest level in four decades, a poll out Thursday found. Almost half, 49 percent, told the polling organization that the United States should "mind its own business" internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own, the Pew Research Center survey found. That's up from 30 percent who said that in December 2002."

Fortunately American history tends to suggest that this kind of thing runs in cycles. Remember the 1930s? In 1938, one poll found that 94% of Americans agreed that our number one foreign policy priority should be to stay out of foreign wars. Luckily World War II and the Cold War killed off that kind of extreme isolationism. But not before America and others in the West had failed to stand up to the likes of Adolf Hitler, thus bringing on World War II. Let's hope no such catastrophe occurs this time. It doesn't help matters, by the way, when President Obama truckles to such isolationist sentiment in his Afghanistan policy through his surge-but-pullout-in-18-months policy...

The Notre Dame women's hoops team has looked good; they're unbeaten, they just won the Paradise Jam tourney out in the Caribbean, beating Oklahoma for the title. But last night they struggled in beating Eastern Michigan, 69-59. But I have few worries--they hadn't been home that long, they were tired. And they found a way to win.
Meanwhile the University of Michigan's basketball team has already hit a crisis this early in the season. The team was ranked 15th in the nation to start things this year. But they've now lost 3 straight, as poor shooting and big holes in their zone defense doomed them again last night, losing to Boston College 62-58. I guess we'll see what this team is made of...

Yes, there's a game tonight...
NY Jets 3 over Buffalo (game to be played in Toronto). PICK: BUFFALO. Why? Momentum...and I just don't see the Jets' offense executing and scoring points as they need to do. The Jets have been so inconsistent, this is a game one can see them blowing. Look for Buffalo to win their 2nd strai