Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday's musings

Many news outlets screaming "Democrats rush to pass health care reform by Xmas."

Which ignores the fact that perhaps the biggest hurdle yet remains--reconciling the House bill with the Senate version. There are huge differences, and huge problems with these bills. Conservatives need to keep highlighting them.
So, no, it's not over yet. NR Online points out other reasons why as well--for example:

"Public Revulsion. The bill was already under water in every major public-opinion poll, and opposed by a margin of almost 2 to 1 in the latest CNN poll. The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll put its support at freezing, 32 percent. A few ticks downward and the bill will be in the 20s. Is anything that has happened recently likely to change the trajectory? The Reid bill just got even longer, and the new version includes more tax increases. Even by the standards of the United States Congress, the process has been hide-the-children ugly: massive payoffs to the on-the-fence senators and a heedless, late-night rush to pass something, anything. The Democrats have shown no inclination to let public opinion hold them back, but the stiff headwind makes everything a little harder and reduces an already-small margin for error."

The #4 ranked Notre Dame women's hoops team showed why they're so highly ranked this year, blowing out Charlotte 90-31. The Irish had 22 steals in the game--at halftime. Their pressure defense and its effectiveness may be one reason why this Irish team can go much further in the tournament than did last year's team...

The Detroit Lions lose again, to Arizona 31-24. But at least younger players and backups, such as Drew Stanton, Louis Delmas, and Maurice Morris, show some fight. And right now Lions fans will take anything, anything at all...!