Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve football picks

This week's NFL picks--I was 7-9 the last week I picked them. Time to get back on that roll...

ARIZONA 3.5 over Green Bay. PICK: CARDINALS. With a win, Arizona can guarantee itself a home playoff game. That might give them the extra oomph they need.

ATLANTA 2.5 over Tampa Bay. PICK: FALCONS. They've continued to play hard for Coach Mike Smith, and even with all their injuries, they have a big talent advantage here.

Baltimore 10.5 over OAKLAND. PICK: RAIDERS. With the Ravens' inconsistent offense, I think this many points is too much to cover for Baltimore on the road.

Indianapolis at BUFFALO--off the board. PICK: COLTS. Because I think the Colts backups can beat the Bills first-teamers.

New Orleans at CAROLINA--off the board. PICK: PANTHERS. They seem to be playing better football right now.

Chicago 3 over DETROIT. PICK: BEARS. With all the Lions' injuries, their offense seems to have been hardest hit; they just can't score.

CLEVELAND 1.5 over Jacksonville. PICK: BROWNS. They're hot, and at home--ride 'em.

DALLAS 3 over Philadelphia. PICK: EAGLES. More big-time playmakers on Philly's side, and the Eagles' offense is clicking slightly better than is the Cowboys'.

DENVER 13 over Kansas City. PICK: CHIEFS. With Denver's offense, I still think odds are that 13 points is too much to cover.

HOUSTON 8 over New England. PICK: PATRIOTS. I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots play their regulars in this game longer than many suspect.

Pittsburgh at MIAMI--off the board. PICK: STEELERS. The Steelers still have a shot at the playoffs, so they have more to play for. That might give them the oomph they need.

MINNESOTA 9 over NY Giants. PICK: VIKINGS. What do the Giants have left to play for? A promising season completely gone down the tubes.

NY JETS 10 over Cincinnati. PICK: BENGALS. My reading of the situation tells me that Marvin Lewis will play his regulars for a good while, and the Jets' offense has been iffy at best.

SAN DIEGO 4 over Washington. PICK: CHARGERS. San Diego is playing so well, and the Redskins' offense has been so putrid, that you have to go with the Bolts here.

San Francisco 7 over ST. LOUIS. PICK: 49ERS. That Niners defense should shut the injured Rams down.

Tennessee 4.5 over SEATTLE. PICK: TITANS. Look for Vince Young to have a big game.