Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday's wash

As many of you undoubtedly know, Dave is in some hot water these days--and there's a new development today:
"The National Organization for Women has sharply criticized comedian David Letterman, accusing him of promoting a hostile, uncomfortable work environment. "The latest Letterman controversy sheds new light on the widespread objectification of women in the workplace," NOW said in a statement Tuesday. "Most women can attest to the fact that many workplaces are plagued with inappropriate behavior by men in power." The "Late Show With David Letterman" host admitted last week on his CBS program that he had sex with unnamed employees and had testified about those liaisons before a New York grand jury as part of an alleged extortion attempt."

Well, only his employees can really tell us if the work environment there is "hostile", and I haven't heard any of them claim it to be so. But what this all makes me think about is this: doesn't this make it rather difficult for Mr. Letterman to balance out his jokes??? What I mean is: clearly he leans to the liberal side in his joke-making. Whenever I hear his monologues, I rarely hear him skewering President Obama. And even now, with the Republicans out of power for months, he still aims a great deal of fire at Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, and Palin. But--he could always balance that out with a few Bill Clinton affair/sex jokes. But how will Dave do that now? Ridiculing Bill Clinton for his affairs will be kinda tough for a guy who's now admitted to doing the same kinds of things himself. Letterman may have to hire some extra joke writers...

For the Tigers, in the end after yesterday's bitter loss to the Twins, there's only sadness. But the loss was a microcosm of the season. Bob Wojnowski sums it up perfectly:

Victor Davis Hanson today summed up the case well:
"Afghanistan is a messy war, but so far it has been conducted with a minimum loss of American life while achieving some important goals. We can argue about current strategies, fault what’s been done in the past, deplore the length of the war, lament its cost, or blame each other for its inconclusiveness, but the facts remain that we removed the Taliban, weakened al-Qaeda in the region, fostered a consensual government in the most unlikely of places, and helped to prevent another catastrophic attack on our nation originating from that part of the world — and did all this with a degree of skill that is reflected in losses that by historical standards are quite moderate.After the initial invasion, the Afghan front was largely inactive for years. U.S. annual fatalities from 2001 through 2007 (12, 49, 48, 52, 99, 98, 117) averaged about 68. In comparison, the murder total in Chicago for 2007 was 509."

Read the whole thing.

Here's the latest polling news on the generic ballot--that is, if the 2010 elections were held right now, for candidates of which party would you vote? Democrats usually have a substantial lead here. But right now, they don't--Gallup shows it at Dems 46, Republicans 44...good news for the GOP.

We saw these kinds of signs in 1994, folks.