Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's musings...

NFL DIARY: The Colts had a bye this week. The Detroit Lions, meanwhile, who admittedly have a lot of injuries, still were up to their old tricks again yesterday, getting blasted by Green Bay in Lambeau 26-0, getting outgained in yardage 3 to 1, converting not a single 3rd down...etc etc etc. Jim Schwartz still has a long, long way to go. It's hard to change the losing culture of a franchise, when that culture has been around so, so long. Mr. Schwartz is getting a lesson in that this year. Unfortunately us Lions fans are well aware of it.
Speaking of the NFL, today I'm wondering: why on earth doesn't Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder show some mercy, get it over with, and fire soon-to-be-ex-head-coach Jim Zorn already:
"With a pained expression, Washington Redskins coach Zorn announced Monday that the front office "strongly suggested" that he yield his play-calling duties to a consultant hired only two weeks ago. While he didn't say he was given an ultimatum, Zorn said he would comply with the request "because I want to stay here and win."

Gallup has President Obama's job approval numbers down this month, to 51%.
That's down about 5 points in the past month, and is even more interesting because Gallup has pretty consistently had Obama's approval in the high 50s. But not right now. Yesterday on TV one of the yakkers I saw was suggesting that the 2010 elections won't be like those of 1994 and the big GOP victory that year because Obama's polling numbers are significantly higher than Bill Clinton's of '94.
But if Obama's numbers fall, his defenders won't have that talking point to fall back on.