Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's trackings

This is what I noticed throughout the game this past Saturday--this team has got to get the run game going:
"Michigan (4-1, 1-1 Big Ten) gained only 28 yards on the ground against Michigan State after entering the game as the Big Ten’s leading rushing team. And the Wolverines’ opponent Saturday, Iowa, hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown this season. The unbeaten Hawkeyes (5-0, 1-0 Big Ten) are giving up only 122.2 rushing yards per game."

Historically, Big Ten teams that win...are able to run the ball. Can Michigan do that this week against Iowa? What they might have to do: pass first. Establish the pass. Then the run game will open up.

Rich Lowry today sums up well how Obama has actually been a boon to conservatism:
"In nine months, he has breathed life into the Republican party, boosted pro-lifers, tarnished the reputation of regulation, bolstered traditional values, increased the public’s desire for immigration restriction, and shifted independent voters rightward. If only RNC chairman Michael Steele were so deadly effective."

People voted for Obama last year because they wanted change. But they weren't sure exactly what that "change" should look like. Obama and his advisers immediately assumed people wanted a new New Deal, that a liberal moment had arrived. But that doesn't appear to be true, as the polling data Lowry cites elsewhere in the article shows. Read the whole piece. And think about this: this same kind of thing happened to Bill Clinton--liberal overreaching, electoral defeat (1994). Clinton then saved himself by moving to the right. What will Obama do???