Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns

They're starting to divide over the war in Afghanistan:
"The eye roll said it all. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid emerged from the White House Tuesday with broad, bicameral smiles — until Reid put his arm around Pelosi to announce that “everyone” would support “whatever” Afghanistan policy the president produces. Pelosi doesn’t agree with that — not at all — and the TV cameras captured the California Democrat rolling her eyes and slightly recoiling from Reid’s grasp as he spoke. Back at the Capitol, Pelosi made it clear to staff that she was angry about Reid's unilateral offer of unequivocal support, a person familiar with the situation said."

Pelosi denies the story, but don't buy her denial.
We've seen this kind of split among Democrats before. Remember Lyndon Johnson's administration, and the war in Vietnam? See the battles between Johnson and eventual war opponent J. William Fulbright. Or Hubert Humphrey vs Eugene McCarthy. The Vietnam war divided the Democratic Party right down the middle in the late 1960s. Will Afghanistan do the same?

The most recent Pew poll asks: do you favor or oppose the most recent health care reform proposals currently being discussed in Congress? Response: 34$ in favor; 47% oppose.