Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's musings

So the Obama administration says leaving Afghanistan is not on the table.
That's nice to know. The problem however is that the president even felt the need to state this at all. It should be assumed and understood by everybody from the get-go. Were our allies worried? Did Obama fear that our enemies thought we would leave?

By the way, as to what we should do on Afghanistan: it's simple. President Obama wanted Gen. McChrystal's evaluation of the situation. He's received it. McChrystal says: more troops. And if we don't send in more troops, and especially if we reduce our involvement there and signal we're on the way out of Afghanistan, that will give terrorists around the globe just the encouragement they need. Send in the troops, Mr. President.

Well...for Detroit Tiger fans, all you can say is: they played poorly for most of the weekend, now their star slugger has off-the-field issues, but thanks to Justin Verlander and yesterday's win, they still have a chance.
For Detroit Lions fans, all you can say is: if the Lions continue to revert back to their old ways--as they did yesterday in getting blasted by the Bears--in most of their games, they'll have no chance.
For University of Michigan football fans, all you can say is: yes, it's a tough loss, you hate to lose to your rival MSU, and for much of the game Michigan didn't play well; but at least you know that with Tate Forcier, you always have a chance. There's a lot of hope for the future.
For Chicago Cubs fans, all you can say is: they lose their final game of the season to Arizona, 5-2, they wind up with only 83 wins (down 14 from last year), and so the only chance they seek is the chance to forget this season. Question: is their core group solid enough to give them a chance to contend next year?
For Texas Rangers fans, all you can say is: yes, they lost their final game of the season, 4-3 to Seattle, and finished 8-15. But at one point they were 19 games over .500 and they still finished with the 4th best record in the AL. This team has a chance to be good, real good, next year. But continued improvement isn't automatic...
But, saving the best for last, the Indianapolis Colts, who blasted Seattle 34-17 yesterday, have a be real good. Peyton Manning is playing perhaps as well as he ever has.

In Virginia, Republican candidate for governor McDonnell is back up by 11, according to SurveyUSA.