Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More deconstruction of Obama in Berlin

Senator Obama made a big deal out of being a "citizen of the world."
But as Rich Lowry shows today, there's no such thing--and thinking that there is suggests deeper flaws in the Senator's thought:

"In Berlin, Obama called himself, unironically, a “citizen of the world.” The world, however, issues no passports, nor does it have citizens. The world in the way Citizen Obama imagines it — as a global community to which we all belong — doesn’t exist. Only backpacking hippies, devotees of the Davos World Economic Forum and U.N. bureaucrats speak this way...He railed against “walls” of all kinds, even though walls are useful in dividing hostile communities (see, most recently, Israel and Iraq) and, in the form of borders, are the most basic stuff of nationhood. He addressed “people of the world” and told them “this is our moment, this is our time,” as if the impossibly disparate people of the world can ever have a common will."

And if you think "the world" does have that "will", then explain to us what the common will is of the Israelis and Palestinians.

This is why conservatives believe America's sovereignty is so important, and that it must be safeguarded. And why no leader of ours can ever allow "world opinion" to veto our actions--since no world consensus exists.