Saturday, July 5, 2008

Africa's shame

More details emerge today regarding Mugabe and the military's campaign of violence vs. the political opposition in Zimbabwe:

"...the plan was given a code name: CIBD. The acronym, which proved apt in the fevered campaign that unfolded over the following weeks, stood for: Coercion. Intimidation. Beating. Displacement.
In the three months between the March 29 vote and the June 27 runoff election, ruling-party militias under the guidance of 200 senior army officers battered the Movement for Democratic Change, bringing the opposition party's network of activists to the verge of oblivion. By election day, more than 80 opposition supporters were dead, hundreds were missing, thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands were homeless."

Read the whole thing. And remember that almost no head of state at the African Union could bring himself to make even the tiniest criticism of Mugabe's state.