Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cheetos, mixed nuts, and the Obama campaign

Some not-very-green foodstuffs available at the opening of Obama's Florida campaign headquarters. What will the folks in Denver say?

More importantly, Obama backers in the crowd were questioned on why they supported the Senator:

"I managed to question several people about what it was about Obama that fetched them in. Most of the answers I got were variations on the theme of, "He touched my heart." No one said a single specific thing about a single public policy, but crooned that because of Obama's charisma and manifest goodness, he would be the one to make everything right in the areas of energy, education, war and peace, and the country's economic problems. Clearly the heart rather than the cerebral cortex is the proper organ through which to reach this bunch."

A number of writers have remarked on this in the past, concerning Obama supporters.
Doesn't appear as if anything has changed. The McCain campaign can make hay out of this...but, then, McCain has yet to make it clear to his base that this matters.