Thursday, July 10, 2008

America and conservatism

Many of my liberal acquaintances love to say that conservatism is in trouble, that it might be dead, that America is moving away from it. But did you catch this?

"On many core issues, the country still leans right of center. In last week's Washington Post poll, 50% of voters favored a smaller government with fewer services while 45% wanted a bigger government with more services – the same percentage breakdown as in June 2004."

You'd never know that from reading the mainstream news media.
Obviously, this means that Republicans, in this fall's presidential and congressional races, still have an opportunity.
But they have to convince Americans that they really mean it when they speak of limited government here at home. What have they done lately to convince Americans of that? What do they plan to do? That's the principle on which conservatives need to be pushing the GOP--and hard.