Sunday, July 20, 2008

Speaking of defying public opinion...

...just think of how often our liberal, Democrat friends have raged against President Bush and conservatives for their support of the war in Iraq. Outrageous!, they cry. Why, just look at the polls! A majority of Americans oppose this war!! How dare you all defy public opinion this way!!!

Ah, but look now. Polls show that up to 73% of Americans SUPPORT lifting the ban on offshore drilling off the American coast, in order to boost oil supplies. And guess who stands in the way of a vote in Congress on a bill that would remove that ban? Why, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi.

Suddenly polls and public opinion aren't so important to Pelosi and co.
Which leads one to think that all the blather about listening to the people, etc etc etc isn't real principle--but rather is just demagogy, to be hauled out only when useful.