Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's wash

Whoopi Goldberg and others in Hollywood are defending Roman Polanski, though I don't know how much he'd appreciate this "defense":
"Actress Debra Winger says it’s “a three-decades-old case that is dead but for minor technicalities.” Yeah, one technicality being he fled the country to avoid sentencing after officials said he drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl. Whoopi Goldberg says Polanski didn’t commit “rape-rape."

1] Of course he committed "rape-rape"--she was 13 years old, he manipulated her, and had sex with her. Nobody denies that. 2] But can you imagine the yelling if conservatives had defended, say, a conservative politician against charges like this by claiming it wasn't "rape-rape"??? Feminists like Goldberg would be yelling that there's no such thing. But Polanski is one of them, so they trot out an argument like this. Wow.

BASEBALL DIARY: so the Tigers split their doubleheader with the Twins yesterday, losing the first game in a tense gut-wrencher, 3-2; but winning the nightcap, 6-5. Two great games. All hail Justin Verlander, who pitched like an ace in a must-win situation. But I agree with others--the Twins aren't going away...
In other games, the Cubs beat the Pirates 6-2, but are eliminated from playoff contention. At least the team is finishing somewhat strong--and the Cubs guaranteed themselves their 3rd straight winning season, which hasn't happened for a while.
And the Texas Rangers too were officially eliminated from the playoff race, losing again to the Angels, 5-2. But as pitcher Scott Feldman said afterwards, hopefully the Rangers will keep most of this year's team around.

From her column today, remembering William Safire:
"Bill Safire was anything but a nattering nabob of negativity. He had none of the vile and vitriol of today’s howling pack of conservative pundits: Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter and Malkin."

Yet more evidence that she's never actually listened to Limbaugh, for instance--and kn0ws nothing of his parodies both in words and in music, which are hysterically funny, especially when they skewer stuffy liberal stereotypes. But hey, actually listening to and reading conservatives would mean Dowd and friends would have to deal with facts, and not myths and stereotypes.

Recent polls have Republican Bob McDonnell up by 9 and 14 points in the Virginia governor's race. On the other hand, some polls have the Christie/Corzine race in New Jersey tightening. And yet Corzine's approval rating remains so low there that I have to believe in the end, undecideds will break big for I'm not worried too much about that one (yet).