Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday trackings

Something's happening out there. Look at the big crowd that turned out for a Republican-sponsored forum on health care in Texas:
"They came in droves to hear Republican insight on health care reform. So many people showed up for Monday night's congressional forum, hundreds were left outside — but it didn't quiet their passions about the issue."
The notion that the opponents of health care reform are nothing but a tiny bunch of Nazis is a preposterous left-wing myth.

None of this is particularly good news for the president:
"SurveyUSA puts Obama's approval rating in Iowa at 45 percent with 51 percent disapproving. This is a state that Obama carried in 2008 with almost 54 percent of the vote....[and] SurveyUSA finds Obama approval hitting new lows in Alabama (40 percent), California (62 percent), Iowa (45 percent), Kentucky (36 percent), Missouri (48 percent), and New Mexico (52 percent)."
It is good news though for Republicans.

So George Will urges a U.S. pullout from Afghanistan. Wow.
He certainly makes a persuasive case that, right now, things in Afghanistan are not going as well as we'd like them to go. But he doesn't answer one crucial point: would not an American pullout hugely embolden terrorists--and Al Qaeda specifically--around the world???
We'll await his answer to that question. But do read his article.

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers lost yesterday to Tampa Bay, 11-7, as Jarrod Washburn's struggles as a Tiger continue. But apparently he gave up a number of bloop hits. Of more concern is the fact that the pesky Minnesota Twins are now only 3 and 1/2 games out.
And could the Texas Rangers be falling out of contention? They're now 4 games behind the Boston Red Sox in the battle for the wild card, as they give up 18 runs to slumping Toronto and lose 18-10. Still, it's been tempting to bury the Rangers before, and they've rallied. But right now they're very inconsistent.
Meanwhile the Cubs couldn't much dent Houston ace pitcher Roy Oswalt, and lost 5-3. That big winning streak they need just isn't coming...