Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns

She says she's concerned about the rhetoric being used in the health care debate:
"I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late '70s in San Francisco," Pelosi said, suddenly speaking quietly. "This kind of rhetoric was very frightening" and created a climate in which violence took place, she said."

Of course, this is the woman who contributed to a reasoned, calm civil debate by claiming the CIA regularly "lied" to her.
Maybe Ms. Pelosi should worry more about what the country thinks of her and the performance of this Congress---the latest Fox News poll has Congress with an approval rating of 27%, with 64% disapproving...and that's in line with other polls.
By the way, note the fundamental that's REALLY going on here. Notice what many liberals and progressives are talking about these days? Suddenly it's all "process"---you know, the tone of the debate, "incivility", "extremism", anger, how dangerous to the debate Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh are, etc etc etc. Don't be surprised. They're trying to change the subject. When people are having trouble with the merits of the real debate--on health care reform--they turn to process, in order to change the subject. And that's what ObamaCare proponents are doing here. They can see the polls, and how people aren't buying into the various plans the Democrats are concocting. So they try to talk about something else.
Don't let them get away with it.
UPDATE: the majority of Americans aren't. The latest Fox News poll:
"Is it racism or an honest disagreement? In recent days, some — including former President Jimmy Carter — have suggested there is a racial element behind opposition to President Obama and his policies. Most Americans, however, don't see it that way: 65 percent think opposition to Obama's policies is based on honest disagreements, while 20 percent say it is mostly motivated by racism."

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers stop the bleeding, for a bit maybe, last night by edging KC 4-3. But Minnesota is next this weekend...
The Rangers unfortunately are fading, as they're swept by Oakland, losing last night 4-0. I think ultimately injuries did them in. But they've had a good season...
And the Cubs lose to Milwaukee, 9-5, demonstrating again why their hopes for the playoffs have been dim for some time (Rich Harden gives up 13 hits).