Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's trackings

Spanking toddlers ain't the answer, a study shows:
"Children who are spanked as 1-year-olds are more likely to behave aggressively and perform worse on cognitive tests as toddlers than children who are spared the punishment, new research shows."
Makes sense to me. As parents of a toddler son, our instincts told us that spanking indeed was not the answer--I'm glad our instincts were right.

Wow, George Will absolutely eviscerates President Obama's health care positions today:
"He says America's health-care system is going to wrack and ruin and requires root-and-branch reform—but that if you like your health care (as a large majority of Americans do), nothing will change for you. His slippery new formulation is that nothing in his plan will "require" anyone to change coverage. He used to say, "If you like your health-care plan, you'll be able to keep your health-care plan, period." He had to stop saying that because various disinterested analysts agree that his plan will give many employers incentives to stop providing coverage for employees....He deplores "scare tactics" but says that unless he gets his way, people will die. He praises temperate discourse but says many of his opponents are liars. He says Medicare is an exemplary program that validates government's prowess at running health systems. But he also says Medicare is unsustainable and going broke, and that he will pay for much of his reforms by eliminating the hundreds of billions of dollars of waste and fraud in this paragon of a program, and in Medicaid. He says Congress will cut Medicare (it will not) by $500 billion—without affecting benefits."
Read the whole thing--there's a lot more.

In the New Jersey governor's race, Christie (the Repub) still leads Corzine by 9.

In Nevada, Rasmussen has Harry Reid trailing a likely GOP opponent in next year's senate race by 7 points.

BASEBALL DIARY: Tigers win, Tigers win, Tigers win...last night, over Toronto, 6-5 in 10 innings. Most notable part of the game: the Tigers rallied from a 5-2 deficit on the strength of an Aubrey Huff 3-run homer in the bottom of the 9th. Finally, one of the Tigers' acquisitions in late-summer starts to pay off. That's two wins in a row...and the magic number for winning the division gets a tad smaller.
Meanwhile...the Cubs are playing better--they beat Milwaukee last night, and are 9-4 in September--but remain out of the playoff picture.
And the Texas Rangers are in a bit of trouble. They were shut out 9-0 by Oakland last night, and are now 4 and 1/2 games out of the wild card slot. The injuries to both Michael Young and Josh Hamilton have hurt them. They need a big winning streak.