Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's musings

"Iran tested its most advanced missiles Monday to cap two days of war games, raising more international concern and stronger pressure to quickly come clean on the newly revealed nuclear site Tehran was secretly constructing."

The Obama administration needs to convince Iran that it should fear us--and fast.
FUNDAMENTAL: I'm not convinced at all that the Obama administration's emphasis on soft power (read: diplomacy) in its first 8 months in office has, to say the least, quieted Iran's aggressiveness.

FOOTBALL DIARY: boy, the Indianapolis Colts were impressive last night in whipping Arizona, 31-10, weren't they? They rolled up 505 yards of total offense and the defense responded to the challenge, holding Kurt Warner down. If they play like this, this team can contend for the Super Bowl. Let's see if it will.
And do you believe in miracles? Yes! The Detroit Lions won a football game yesterday, beating Washington 19-14. Seriously, the key to the game was Matthew Stafford playing well, hitting 60% of his passes, and--key--no Lion turnovers.

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers lose two of 3 over the weekend to the White Sox--what else is new? This team isn't exactly a bunch of road warriors--but luckily it all comes down, really, to 4 games this week vs home. If the Tigers can just split the series, they'll be in good shape. It would sure help to win the opener tonight. Rick Porcello pitches for Detroit--he's won some big games this season.

Why is President Obama going to Copenhagen to make a pitch for the 2016 Olympics to be held on U.S. soil? Won't he be criticized for taking time away from more important things? Ramesh Ponnuru today explains:
"...[Some[ seem to think that the president is taking time away from more important things to go to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the 2016 games. They're wrong. He is taking time away from more important things to go get the credit for bringing the Olympics to Chicago."

He claims his "stimulus" package mysteriously "saves" jobs. Now he hopes he'll be able to claim he saved the Olympics. Makes sense.

"Imprisoned director Roman Polanski is in a “fighting mood” and willbattle U.S. attempts to have him extradited from Switzerland toCalifornia to face justice for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in1977, his lawyer said Monday."
I'm of two minds on this issue. On the one hand, one can't help butthink: this all happened long ago, Mr. Polanski is 76 years old now,the young girl he molested, now in her 40s, wants clemency for him, sowhy not let it go.

But on the other hand: suppose it was your daughter whom RomanPolanski had targeted. Would you be willing to let it go???