Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama and the Democrats already take some hits

For example, the reliably progressive and pro-Obama/anti-Bush Gail Collins of the NY Times today writes in her column that she's not so happy with the Democrats' moves so far:

"In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to leave Charles Rangel in charge of the tax-setting Ways and Means Committee during an ethics investigation of his incredibly sloppy personal finances. In defense, she points out that the House leadership does have standards, and that she kicked former Representative William Jefferson off Ways and Means after investigators found $90,000 in marked bills hidden inside his freezer. In the Senate, Schumer argues that Geithner’s errors “pale before the myriad mistakes made by the operators of financial institutions.” Maybe we should have higher standards for our Treasury secretary than being better organized than Lehman Brothers. Really, we’re ready for a new era that looks a little ... newer."

I hope she remembers Obama appointed Geithner. And this is only day 1 of the Obama administration. Progressives are already restless.