Friday, January 9, 2009

At the sports desk: college football--who's # 1?

Apparently the pollsters will say Florida is, given their victory over Oklahoma last night in the BCS "National Championship" game. But the coaches of Texas, USC, and Utah say otherwise.

Look, this system is about as imperfect as you can get. I think Texas should have been in the championship game--they beat Oklahoma during the regular season, and IMO there wasn't sufficient reason to discount that result, when clearly it came down to either Texas or Oklahoma as Florida's opponent. Plus, you have the fact that Utah went unbeaten AND beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl; that these computer rankings obviously are imperfect; that you have teams in the championship game having to wait over 30 days before the game is played--you can't tell me that choppy, mistake-filled game last night wasn't affected by the long layoff; and that aren't there tons of people out there who'd LOVE to see how Utah or USC or Texas would do against Florida?

We simply don't have a good system to determine a college football national champion.
Maybe folks should see it this way: don't worry about who's a college football national champion. Instead, can't we agree--Utah; Texas; Southern Cal; and Florida, just to start with, all had very, very outstanding seasons this year. And leave it at that.