Friday, January 30, 2009

At the sports desk: Thanksgiving traditions

NFL commish Roger Goodell says the Detroit Lions will host their annual Turkey Day game next year, but...:

"As for the Lions' annual Thanksgiving game, which dates back to 1934, Goodell said, "I understand it's a great tradition, both in Detroit and Dallas." But, he admitted, there has been a push from some NFL owners in the past to rotate the game around the league. And with the NFL considering expanding the regular season to 17 or 18 games for 2010 and beyond, that could happen again soon. Especially in light of the Lions' recent struggles, as they've lost five in a row on Thanksgiving by an average of 23.4 points. "It's something our owners have raised from time to time," Goodell said. "It will not change for this season. If the ownership feels that they want to discuss it as we get later into the year, we certainly will raise it."

But the Lions and their fans should push hard for the team to keep this tradition. The Lions started this tradition, way back in 1934. There may not be a tradition of having football on Thanksgiving, had it not been for the Lions. The Lions don't get on national TV much--what's wrong with allowing them one, just one, nationally-televised game? And the team is bound to improve in coming years (to be sure, after an 0-16 season, there's no place to go but up.) Remember that the team hasn't always been bad--remember some of the games Barry Sanders had on Thanksgiving? Respect tradition, Mr. Goodell.