Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maureen Dowd is sweet on Caroline...

...but has few good reasons for her advocacy of Caroline Kennedy for the senate.
You can read her piece here.
Read the whole thing, carefully. Her arguments boil down to:

--no, she doesn't speak well, but who needs smooth-talking pols these days anyway, and being a smooth talker doesn't prove anything about whether you'd be a good senator. (Oh, but, don't forget, when friend Mo wrote about George W. Bush, suddenly then the fact that he didn't talk like some smooth 6 p.m. news anchor was oh, so important!)

--and hey, Caroline wouldn't be as bad as Al D'Amato or Bob Torricelli. Yeah, right--choose her! Cuz she's not horrible or corrupt...

I think Ms. Kennedy's problem has been that she hasn't convinced New Yorkers that she knows about policy, and the issues, etc etc---you know, the kinds of things senators will have to deal with--to deserve the job. And saying that, well, at least she's better than someone who got jailed for no argument.