Monday, January 12, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

The ND women's hoops team won again on Saturday, 84-63 over Georgetown.
Again, what impresses is the Irish defense, and the suddenly-superb play of center Erica Williamson, who's averaging over 20 points a game in her last two contests. The Irish need to have an inside threat, and maybe now they have it.

The Irish men's team won again, too, defeating Seton Hall 88-79 at home.
Luke Harangody is the team's big star--the center again scored 30 points.
But Irish defense continues to be a concern--they shouldn't be giving up so many points.

Meanwhile, the word from the Indianapolis Colts, apparently official, is that Tony Dungy is finally retiring as the team's coach. This will be announced officially later today.
On the one hand, I'm sad, and I think most of the team's fans are sad today. He's a fine man and he's done a lot for the team. On the other hand, if his heart was no longer in it, maybe it was time. Maybe the team, given its failure to improve more this year and go farther, needs some new ideas (but not too many--Coach Dungy was awfully successful). Let's hope the team's new coach, Jim Caldwell, can continue to get as much, and more, out of this group as Dungy did. Mostly fans will remember what a solid, stable, good individual Dungy was.

And Michigan's men's hoops team won again, 64-49 over Iowa.
The team is 13-3, on track to make the NCAAs, and most importantly is hustling and playing good defense.