Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday's good news from Iraq

Iraqi forces, in combination with U.S. Special Forces, in a raid capture over 30 suspected terrorist insurgents.

More reports of success in Fallujah. Quote: "Meet the new defenders of the city of Fallujah. For years, the Marines have been trying to behead the insurgent hydra that’s been terrorizing the people here. Now, they’ve got a plan that, for the moment, seems to be working. Attacks on American troops are way down; the streets are relatively clean; men are sitting around in outdoor cafes. The progress could always be temporary, of course. Tal Afar, Mosul, and other cities were once defused, only to detonate again. But, at least right now, Fallujah is calm. Cops and cop-wannabes like Am’r and Safa are part of the reason why. "

Figures from an American battalion operating in southeast Baghdad further detail improvements being made. (hat tip to All Things Conservative) Quote: "This is working,” Andersen said. “We should have been doing this four years ago. We got so many things wrong. In my experience, most Iraqis just want peace and quiet and want to get on with their lives.” The battalion’s statistics tell a stark story. In June, at the height of the fighting, 80 roadside bombs were detonated against its patrols. In August it was 19. There were 32 mortar or rocket attacks in June, but only 11 last month. "