Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's wash

Rangers 7, Mariners 1: a nice bounce-back win for the Rangers. Key stat: Ranger starter Colby Lewis throws 119 pitches. But allows only 1 run and gives the Rangers over 7 good innings of work.
Tigers 7, White Sox 2: no perfect game for Armando Galarraga. But he pitches decently, gives the Tigers a chance to win, and they do so...thanks to a 6-run 7th inning and a big home run from rookie phenom Brennan Boesch.

So Blanche Lincoln surprises both me and others, and survives her runoff election vs Bill Halter in Arkansas last night. Hey, I was wrong; tip your hat to her.

But I remain convinced she's toast come November.

So far the most incisive comment I've seen concerning last night's vote is this one, from Ralph Reed:
"What began as a tea-party surge now has an interesting wrinkle: this just might be the year of the conservative woman. Nikki Haley won nearly 50 percent of the vote in a crowded field in South Carolina, in spite of an eleventh-hour flurry of personal attacks. She had been endorsed by Jenny Sanford and Sarah Palin, among others. While that race may go to a run-off, Haley is the likely GOP nominee and will probably win in November. Ditto Sharron Angle, the tea-party-backed candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada. The lamestream media is parroting the Democratic spin that these results bode well for Harry Reid — don’t believe it. Reid’s reelect is in the low 40’s, and polling has shown him losing to Angle. It shows how truly weak and desperate the Democrats are as they head into the fall: He’s the Senate majority leader, and he has to pray for an allegedly weak GOP nominee, hoping to “win dirty” in his own home state! The victories of Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman in California also show the appeal of a conservative woman at the polls. Though Whitman is far more socially liberal than Fiorina, she won on the conservative themes of reigning in government spending and creating jobs by lowering taxes."