Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday's wash

Yecch...Indians 3, Tigers 2: Detroit just isn't hitting. They managed only 6 hits against a pitching staff with the worst ERA in the league. Only bright spot? Jeremy Bonderman, who's allowed only 7 earned runs in his last 6 starts.
But...Rangers 9, White Sox 6: the most important stats here were that the Rangers broke a 4 game losing streak, and scored 9 runs. They too have struggled to score. Also important was that Justin Smoak, who's been hitting about .160, had a home run and a single.

Well,'s got to be significant that the NY Times' Maureen Dowd appears to be, when it comes to President Obama, in complete abandonment mode:
"It’s not a good narrative arc: The man who walked on water is now ensnared by a crisis under water...With as much as 34 million gallons of oil inking the Gulf of Mexico, “Yes we can” has been downgraded to “Will we ever?”...Obama wanted to be a transformative president and now the presidency is transforming him. Instead of buoyant, he seems put upon. Instead of the fairy dust of hopefulness, there’s the bitter draught of helplessness."

Polling news:
Despite the recent blizzard of attacks on him in the news media, in Kentucky Tea Partier/Republican Rand Paul appears to still maintain a lead in his senate race.

Meanwhile, right now both Gallup AND Rasmussen have Republicans with a decent lead in the 2010 generic congressional ballot. Fallout against the Democrats from the oil spill and other issues, perhaps?

A random thought:
Concerning the Super Bowl being held in New York/New Jersey in 2014---so if New York so wanted a Super Bowl, and the NFL so wanted to give it to them, why didn't the area build a domed stadium??? That's what the Detroit area did when they wanted the big game...