Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

So in college football, the first domino has fallen--Colorado will join the Pac-10.

This is only the beginning--look for the Big 10 and the Pac 10 to massively expand and become super-conferences, and for the Big 12 to soon be no more. Much of this might be apparent in as short a time period as a week or two.

Rangers 12, Mariners 2: a good night for the Rangers. Starter C.J. Wilson pitched 7 strong innings, allowing only 4 hits. The Rangers offensively piled up 15 hits. Key stat: Josh Hamilton is now 15 for his last 35.
But not so good for the Tigers, as they lose 15-3 to the White Sox. The team remains inconsistent; and so does starter Rick Porcello, who got pounded. This is one of the problems with young players. Porcello had a good rookie season last year. So, naturally, all of us fans just assumed he'd improve even further in season 2. News flash: young players don't always automatically improve. They're young, they're immature, and sometimes they struggle. But the Tigers need Porcello if they're to be an impact team this year.

The year of the conservative woman:
In California, Carly Fiorina will be running for the U.S. Senate against the Democrat Barbara Boxer. Conservatives will disagree with Fiorina on some social issues. So should they support her? Larry Kudlow today makes a powerful case to say YES:
"Fiorina wants spending controls and limited government. She opposed the $860 billion stimulus as well as Obamacare. She is a smart, fiscally conservative woman who has campaigned on lower income-tax rates, a reduced capital-gains tax, and the elimination of the estate tax. And she can be expected to push for a lower business-tax rate for large and small companies."

Note further that Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post today writes a column that surely reflects the views of many Democrats and media types--that Fiorina is too far to the right in her positions to win in California. Well, we shall see, won't we...Boxer's poll numbers haven't looked especially strong over the past few months.

Meanwhile, those same Democrats and media types have rushed to the consensus that in Nevada, Republican/Tea Partier Sharron Angle has no shot whatsoever to beat Harry Reid. Really? A Rasmussen poll begs to disagree, showing Angle with an 11-point lead.
Would I like to see other polls reflect a similar lead? Yes. Do I discount Rasmussen? No--its polls showed a lot of accuracy in 2009.