Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's fish fry

So the Obama administration is going to tout this month's jobs/economy report as good news, but don't buy it:
"All but 20,000 of the 431,000 jobs added were temporary hires for the U.S. Census, and the dip in unemployment rate is the result of the continued exodus of Americans from the ranks of the job-seeking to the merely jobless — 322,000 in May. By contrast, employment decreased by 35,000 to 139.4 million, and the labor participation rate decreased from 65.2 to 65 percent. By another measure, 16.6 percent of Americans remain either unemployed or underemployed."

Let's hope the rest of the news media reports this, too.

Polling news:
It looks increasingly that, in Arkansas, in the Democratic senatorial runoff election between incumbent Blanche Lincoln and challenger Bill Halter, the incumbent (Lincoln) is going down.

Here will be yet another example--Pennsylvania is too, with Joe Sestak as the nominee--of a situation where liberal Democrats won't be able to claim that their candidate lost because he was too stand-pat, or too conservative, didn't support ObamaCare, etc. The election will offer a real choice in Arkansas. I can't wait to see what happens.

In other pieces of good news for conservatives, in Indiana Dan Coats still looks to be in good shape for the senate seat there.

In Pennsylvania, Rasmussen now has Toomey out to a 7 point lead over Sestak.

Tigers 12, Indians 6: time to turn the page from the ump/Galarraga situation...and it's good the Tigers did so. More big hits from Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez, who are both having big years. And cheers to the Tigers fans for treating umpire Jim Joyce with respect yesterday...
But it was White Sox 4, Rangers 3: the Rangers didn't play horribly here; the White Sox got some good pitching, getting the Rangers 3-4-5 hitters to go 0 for 12, and although Colby Lewis pitched decently, a couple of home-run balls beat him.