Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday's wash

Denver 127, Dallas 91: bad loss for the Mavs, in that they already have had trouble for the past year beating the Nuggets, and this simply reinforces that. But, key stat: this was the Mavericks' second road game in two nights. This team needs to get healthy coming out of the all-star break.
Meanwhile...Detroit 93, Milwaukee 81: the sad-sack Pistons show a sign of life, holding Milwaukee to 36% shooting in Milwaukee. The Pistons still are only 18-32 on the season, though.

Women's hoops--Notre Dame 66, Cincinnati 50: the Irish are now 22-1 on the season. It was a tough game to play; Cincinnati has a losing record this season, the city is still digging out from a major snowstorm, and only 400 fans attended the game. But the Irish at one point went on a 21-4 run and forced 23 Cincy turnovers.
But in men's play, it was Purdue 76, Michigan State 64: MSU has, shockingly, lost 3 straight. Partly it's due to injuries--such as the ankle injury to guard Kalin Lucas. But partly it's due to the sudden disappearance of State's defense--they allowed Purdue to shoot 65% from the field in the first half of this game. Luckily, the Spartans still have time to fix things. They'll need it.

Wow--4 months ago, in the generic congressional ballot question on the ABC News poll, Democrats led by 12 points. Now? Republicans lead by 3.