Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's musings

So according to a CNN survey, fully 86% of the public believes the federal government is "broken."

Yeah, right, and I know this is kind of a common assumption today, and don't forget that seemingly thousands of media talking heads chant this daily. But is it really true? Consider: big economic crisis in the fall of 2008. What happens? A $700 billion bailout package is passed, with bipartisan support. Last year Democrats passed their "stimulus" package and other legislation.

Yes, true, health care reform legislation is stalled in congress right now. That doesn't mean the system is "broken." Rather, it means this is extremely controversial legislation that doesn't command overwhelming public support; far from it--instead, polls suggest the public opposes it. That's what's going on here. Just because a lot of elites, Democrats, and media talking heads desperately want their version of health care reform to pass...but it hasn't passed and may not pass...doesn't mean a system is "broken." Instead, the people are giving thumbs down to what Democrats and liberals want. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party moves on--in Florida there's going to be hotly-contested primary to decide the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, and there moderate Governor Charlie Crist is just getting clobbered right now in the polls by conservative darling Marco Rubio. The message continues to be sent...

And of course you've heard about President Obama's new health care proposal. Is it something Republicans should back? Nah, of course not, notes NRO:
"President Obama would no doubt be delighted if Republicans were to accept the basic outlines of the Democratic health-care proposal: new regulations on insurers, a mandate that everyone buy insurance, and subsidies to help them do so. All the evidence of the last year suggests that this type of bipartisanship — a Republican surrender — is the only kind in which he is interested."

Meanwhile, at this week's health care summit, hosted by the president, NR urges Republicans to keep the focus on just what's wrong with the Democrats' approach, that this must be defeated first before Republican ideas can have their day in the sun:
"They should note that the legislation increases entitlement spending at a time when such spending already threatens to bankrupt our government; that it makes it more expensive to employ workers at a time when the long-term health of the labor market is already widely questioned; and that it will cause many Americans to lose their current health-care arrangements whether or not they want to."

All true. But what Republicans CAN do, at this summit, in order to remind folks that we do stand for things that are positive and forward-looking, is to emphasize just why we talk about such defects in Obama proposals--because holding down spending and letting people keep the health insurance they've chosen is what freedom and liberty are all about.

The daughter of the man who flew a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas defends his extreme views but adds his final actions were "inappropriate."

Hmmm. Somehow I find using such mild language for a man who thinks the way to act on his views was to burn his house down, attempt to destroy buildings, and kill people is what's very "inappropriate."

Ohio State 74, Michigan State 67: hmmm. Puzzling. Michigan State has a decent record (21-7), and they'll still get a decent NCAA seed for its tournament. But it hasn't won its usual share of big games, especially at home...such as this game. MSU's defense, rebounding, focus...none of it was quite there, and it couldn't shut down Ohio State's Evan Turner (who's an excellent player, by the way) down the stretch, and he took over. Unusual for a Tom Izzo club. Right now you'd have to say: don't look for much from this club in the NCAAs. Key stat from yesterday's game: MSU comes out flat and lethargic and trails 39-26 at half.

Detroit 109, San Antonio 101: the Pistons continue to, well, play a tiny bit better and at least give good effort, as they edge the Spurs in OT. The Pistons remain though only 20-35 on the season. Key stat: Richard Hamilton had 27 pts for Detroit, while Ben Gordon had 21 and Rodney Stuckey 20. Those 3 guys have to score for this team to compete...