Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday's wash

It sure appears that, concerning health care, Speaker Pelosi is determined not to give an inch:
"Amid the wreckage of the health care debate, some rescue workers have been searching for small pieces that could be salvaged. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suggested that the search was in vain. What good is a door, after all, without a building? The health care system is so complex, Pelosi argued, that it can't be changed piece by piece. She used the example of the popular ban on discriminating against people with preexisting conditions: Simply passing a law saying that all insurers must take such people would lead either to prohibitively expensive insurance for them, an increase in premiums overall, or both. Passing such a bill might be politically popular, but it wouldn't help real people, she said."

So Pelosi still wants to pass major reform. Well, that's nice, but there's no sign that a majority of Americans want it, or that there's any way for her to accomplish her goal given the climate in Congress. But hey, if she wants to drag this out for weeks longer, still wind up failing, and make Democrats look even more ineffective, have at it, Madam Speaker!

Meanwhile President Obama sticks his foot in his mouth again.
Indeed, what is it with his continual jabs at Vegas? Well, maybe this--it's a little bit of his elitism coming through. Barack and Michelle Obama have fancied themselves as well-to-do progressive folks, who munch on arugula etc, for some time. They wouldn't dream therefore of spending a vacation in Vegas, maybe blowing lots of money and rubbing elbows with the unwashed. But Mr. Obama forgets that many Americans like that kind of vacation and enjoy doing some gambling. He doesn't understand that. He doesn't understand many ordinary folks, I fear.

And you thought it was George W. Bush who always made dumb statements...

Tough night last for Michigan college basketball teams. First, there was Wisconsin 67, Michigan State 49: which didn't surprise me. Wisconsin is big, physical, can make 3 point shots, and is tough at home. And sure enough, key stats: Wisconsin canned 9 shots for the game from beyond the arc, and shot 56% from the floor in the first half.
And it was Northwestern 67, Michigan 52: another tough night for the Wolverines, who are now only 11-11 on the season. Key stats: Michigan's DeShawn Sims scored only 4 points on 2 of 9 shooting. They need much more from him. And Northwestern went 10 for 20 from 3-point range. Northwestern is a better team than people think. They may have a shot at an NCAA berth. Michigan, unfortunately, is not the team we thought they were, based on last year's NCAA bid. Lesson: teams don't always improve from year to year; we expect it, but it takes some luck, hard work, dedication...