Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

So Nancy Pelosi is attacking House Republicans for their supposed "hypocrisy" on the "stimulus" bill.

But what's the main basis for her attacks, as the article above notes? Tax cuts! She claims the bill has given Republican constituents tax cuts. But wait a minute--I thought we were beyond tax cuts? That those were old, tired Republican ideas, and that now were moving forward to big spending which would prime the pump and jump-start the economy????

In other words, the hypocrisy here exists on the part of Speaker Pelosi. All she can do is claim that actually Democratic policies do too contain Republican, conservative ideas. If that's the new Democratic position, those on the Right should suggest that, still, voters should elect the real conservatives, who will really show them tax cuts etc.

Meanwhile, this is a good tack for Republicans to continue to take:
"The Republican National Committee posted a Web video aimed at Mr. Obama titled “Broken Promises,” and the House Republican leader, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, issued a report titled “Where are the Jobs? A Look Back at One Year of So-called ‘Stimulus.’ ” The report argues that the measure is “chockful of wasteful government spending” and presents a list of what Republicans regard as questionable projects, singling out, for example, “$10,000 to purchase a liquid nitrogen cryo freezer to store pallid sturgeon sperm” and $1.25 million for a Northwestern University professor “to use electric fish from the Amazon to study how animals take in sensory information to move quickly in any direction.”

Meanwhile, no doubt about it--the leading Republican candidates in Indiana for Evan Bayh's old Senate seat have the advantage as we begin...

Louisville 91, Notre Dame 89, 2 OTs: Arrgghh again. Again the Irish play without all-league center Luke Harangody, who's still nursing a bone bruise near his knee. They give it all they had and get a lot of contributions from different players. But Louisville center Samardo Samuels again exploits ND's defensive weaknesses for 36 points...and the Irish have two different chances to win the game with a final shot, but fail on both. Consistently, the close games don't go Notre Dame's way, and that can't be seen as an accident at this point...