Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's wash

Remember all the progressives and others who crowed in 2008 about the fact that William F. Buckley Jr.'s son, Christopher Buckley, endorsed Obama? Guess what--Mr. Buckley got buyer's remorse and basically recants, calling Obama a "hack politician" who appears to be Harry Reid's "tool."
He suggests Obama's new book should be called "The Audacity of Ooops." Read the whole thing...and Mr. Buckley should remember: we warned you.

The NY Times' Maureen Dowd isn't exactly filled with love for President Obama these days either:
"Obama is coming across as plastic and hidden, rather than warm and accessibly all-American."
She also calls him a "faux populist" who favors drug companies and "profligate Democrats." Whew!

Meanwhile, two different polls coming out yesterday--including an NPR poll (!)--show Republicans leading outright in the 2010 generic Congressional ballot. Rasmussen even has the GOP up by 9.

Michigan State 57, Michigan 56: Michigan scrapped hard, and gave it all they had. But in the end, MSU had players who knew how to win and how to make big shots. Michigan lacks that this year; as well as shooters. Key stats: Michigan had a 56-53 lead, then went scoreless the final 2:38. Michigan was out-rebounded, 41-25. And Michigan was only 7 for 29 from 3-point range. That's MSU's strengths, defense and rebounding, and Michigan's weakness.

"Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended for the remainder of the season Wednesday by NBA commissioner David Stern, who said guns in the workplace "will not be tolerated."

Harsh punishment--designed to send a message, and probably a very good one for the NBA. Not only is toting guns around the locker room stupid and dangerous, but it ruins the NBA's image...and that's something Commissioner Stern takes very seriously.