Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's musings

Republican Scott Brown continues to increase his lead in that Massachusetts special senate election in independent, nonpartisan polls:
"Public Policy Polling's final survey finds Scott Brown up 51% to 46%, a result that's within the margin for error of the poll but which mirrors most other recent polls in giving the Republican a lead in the race."

An acquaintance of mine made a good point: Democrats and the Coakley campaign have made a big mistake. Bringing in Obama and Ted Kennedy's family over the weekend wasn't going to help them. For while they will help mobilize Democrats, Coakley's already got them. What she needs is independents, and she's done precious little to get them back in her column.

Even the NY Times today refers to Coakley's campaign as "flailing", and suggests that Democratic insiders are bracing for defeat.

And if Brown does win this race, will Democrats and progressives please stop the nonsense about how a majority of Americans oppose the health care bills in Congress because they're not liberal enough??? Surely they can't try to tell us that Massachusetts voters, the bluest in the nation, want a much more liberal health care bill and so that's why they're voting Republican!...

Well, let's just say there was good news and bad news. First, the bad news: in women's hoops, it was UConn 70, Notre Dame 46.
Honestly, there's no reason for ND fans to get real blue. UConn blows out everyone they play; just a few days before playing ND, I saw them absolutely destroy a top-15 North Carolina team. Key problems for the Irish were their 19 turnovers and shooting only 3 for 19 from 3-point land. men's hoops, it was Cincinnati 60, Notre Dame 58: a tough loss for the Irish on the road. Tough, because it was a game they easily could have, and probably should have, won. Key stats: Notre Dame was only 9 of 19 from the free throw line. And they were out-rebounded for the game 50 to 31, and gave up 18 offensive rebounds. Hint for the Irish: rebounds have a lot to do with hustle and desire.
Now, for some good men's hoops, Michigan 68, Connecticut 63: U-M is now 10-7 for the year, and a win like that over a ranked team means it at least has a shot at the NCAAs this year (though still a long way to go to achieve that goal). Key stat: Michigan shot only 37% for the game, and less than 33% from 3, yet...won anyway, by driving the ball to the hoop and holding their own in rebounding.

Of course for me the main story of the weekend was...Colts 20, Ravens 3: The Colts prove that resting their starters didn't hurt them, that they CAN play some defense and stop the run, and most importantly they survive and advance. Key stat: the Colts hold the Ravens to way below 100 yards rushing for the game.